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Minecraft MOD APK (MOD Unlocked) for android

Minecraft MOD APK (MOD Unlocked) for android
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  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer Mojang
  • Genre Arcade
  • Google Play
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Action-packed simulation games are the most accepted genre with the most players. Advanced graphics, adrenaline rush, special effects and exploration are some of the reasons why it is popular. Minecraft is one of those adventure games with very high quality graphics. So today here we are going to give you full information about this game and we are also going to give you a modded version of this fun game Minecraft Premium MOD APK with many more advantages. Get ready to enjoy!!! Minecraft is an arcade game that gives players the freedom to play however they want. This feature can be useful for players who have a smarter approach to things. It also offers a wide variety of difficulty levels, game modes, and special effects.So Minecraft is one of the biggest gaming communities that will keep you hooked every time.

The world’s favorite Minecraft game

Minecraft is the perfect arcade game for all creative gamers who want to design their gaming experience according to their ideas. Minecraft brings a huge game world with virtual maps and realistic movements to the screen. It was released in November 2011, developed and published by Mojang and has won the trust of millions of players around the world so far. The gameplay is sure to delight you with multiple game modes and versatile features. In addition, can be played online and offline (without internet).So you will never get bored while playing, whether you have a good internet connection or not. To make the game even more exciting, it offers a multiplayer mode where you can play on one platform and chat with your friends.

Classic Minecraft

Survival Mode – In this mode, players must collect resources and equipment, craft blocks and build things. This model also has a health bar that is depleted by mob attacks and certain events such as drowning, burns, suffocation, starvation, etc. So here you have to survive more to get more points and win in these difficult conditions. Hardcore Mode This is a variant of Survival Mode, limited to the hardest settings and also features Permadeath. This is one of the most difficult modes in Minecraft. So you must try it as soon as you start playing Minecraft. Creative Mode – As the name suggests, in this mode players can create their own unique world by accessing resources and inventory. It also makes players immune to damage. So it’s basically a desirable mode where you are both the creator and receiver of life. Enjoy!!! Adventure Mode Adventure mode is one of the most popular modes in Minecraft. It allows you to experience customized maps and adventures. Players must acquire items and develop player interaction through script commands. Sounds interesting right? Spectator Mode: Allows players to view gameplay without interacting directly. Players have no inventory but can move between other players and watch from their vantage point. You can then play this mode to learn the base game as well as new secret tricks and rival moves. Multiplayer The most requested feature of Minecraft is that you can play with your friends via direct multiplayer, LAN and server. It allows players to participate in the game world on locally connected computers.Mojang has also created a hosting service – Minecraft Realms, which makes Minecraft multiplayer easier and safer for gamers. If you want to build and explore an adventurous world, try it now. But before you buy, check your Minecraft version below. It’s time for a surprise.


Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time with over 126 million monthly users. It’s an immersive 3D world made up of blocks representing rocks, water, lava, trees, etc. However, the purchase terms and limited resources can be tricky as this game costs more than INR 300.00 for a single download. The solution to this crisis is Minecraft Premium MOD APK.It is a modified version of the gameplay with the same graphics quality but improved attributes. Minecraft Premium MOD APK is free to play with unlocked skins, unlocked inventory, max score and many more exclusive benefits. Download it now and travel the world full of adventures.

Premium Skins Unlocked

Skin is the textures placed on a player or mob and serves as a character’s surface during gameplay. Minecraft Premium MOD APK provides all unlocked premium skins to offer players a personalized and fun gaming experience without spending a penny. If you download the official version, you will have to pay hundreds of Indian rupees for each skin, while here you can enjoy them all without spending a penny.

The version Inventory Size

Inventory is the menu the player uses to manage the available items. Minecraft basically consists of 4 armor slots, 27 memory slots, and nine inventory hotkey slots. Contains all blocks and survival items. Minecraft Premium MOD APK is the only mod that offers you the maximum size of your inventory so you are always engaged in the game. Download now.

Hit Kill with Weapons

Minecraft is a complex Android game and players need to constantly hit and kill zombies to level up. Normally you lose a life point every time you hit monsters or zombies. But here in a modified version with one-hit-kill function, you can kill all zombies in one hit without losing health, which will ensure long-term survival in the game. This is the most requested feature in Minecraft Premium Mod Apk by every gamer.

Game with free score

In this game you earn points by performing actions. You will also see a leaderboard that tracks and defines the list of players and their scores. This is where Minecraft Premium MOD APK enables the high score feature, which allows you to view high scores at your convenience and impress all your friends in the game with this trick.

Indestructible Tools

Tools such as axe, hoe, shovel and scissors are a very basic part of Minecraft, as they help you gather information, collect inaccessible resources with your hands and perform rare tasks. As a result, the tools help you to work faster and more efficiently. However, the lifespan of these tools is too short as they get damaged or broken during use. This is why Minecraft Premium Mod Apk introduced indestructible tools. No matter how often you use these tools, they cannot be damaged or broken.


Minecraft is basically about crafting, selecting, breaking, and stacking blocks to build things. And nothing is more fun than doing all these tasks in a custom area of ​​the screen without configuring the location. If you are looking for a platform where you can show off your skills and use them while having fun, then join Minecraft Premium Mod Apk. This is the full premium version that we offer for free. So download it now and start mining and creating the world of your dreams with Minecraft MOD APK.

What's new in 1.18.31: Various bug fixes!
Minecraft MOD APK (MOD Unlocked) for android
Premium Skins Unlocked
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  • Skins Unlocked: When you download the MOD version of Minecraft, you can play this game for free. In addition, all premium skins have been unlocked.
Minecraft BETA APK v1.19.0.26
Download - 10
Minecraft MOD BETA APK v1.19.0.26 (Premium Skins Unlocked)
Download - 10
Minecraft APK v1.18.30.04
Download - 10
Minecraft MOD APK v1.18.30.04 (Premium Skins Unlocked)
Download - 10

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